[Big Loot Offer] Brave Browser - ₹75/Refer | ₹1000 Per Month Assured Earning

[Big Loot Offer] Brave Browser - ₹75/Refer | ₹1000 Per Month Assured Earning

Big Loot Offer

If you are looking for a better internet, the Brave Web Browser is the only solution. The Brave Web Browser is the most secure and fast web browser app for Android, PC, and MAC. It has a built-in ad blocker for 3rd party ads. The Brave Browser provides safety to its users as they prevent from being infected and attacked by malware and pop-ups. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the big loot offer and download the best and most secured web browser now.

This browser is not only convenient to use but also smooth in operation. Make the use of it once and you will be addicted to it instead of any other browsers. Just Download, Surf, and Earn from the Brave Browser. Also, you can earn a lot by referring to the Brave Browser to your friends. Here are the steps for the free earning tricks from the Brave BROWSER:.

Here are the steps for the free earning tricks from the Brave BROWSER:

1. Download the Brave Browser App from the below-mentioned link:



2.  Click the above-mentioned link and open it in your default browser. A screen as shown below will appear:

Free earning tricks
latest loot tricks

1.      3. Click on the option ‘DOWNLOAD’ from where it will direct you to the Play Store. Click on Install option in the Play store.

1.      4. The next step is to open the Brave Browser and Click on the BAT icon from the Upper Top Right side and Click on Join Rewards Option.

Free earning tricks
latest loot tricks

1.      5. This will automatically create a wallet.

1.      6. Now click on the link mentioned below to Sign Up on Brave Browser.

SignUp on Brave Browser

Free earning tricks

   7. Click on the Sign Up button and Create Account by entering a Valid Email Address in it.

2.      8. Click on Verification Mail at your Registered Email Address and Verify your Account by clicking on it.

3.      9. Just enter your First and Last Name and Skip 2FA Authentication. And, you’re almost DONE!

4.     10.  After Verification, Login Using your Email Address where you'll see an interface like shown below: 

latest loot tricks

11.  Scroll down to the Bottom of the Same Page and Click on +Add Channel. This Step is Must!!

Big Loot Offer
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12. Now Move Ahead after ADDING YouTube Channel or Twitter or Any Other Available Option to your Account.

latest loot tricks

NOTE: Don't worry if you don't have any YouTube Channel. Just Log in with your Email Address (can be the same as that of sign up) on YouTube and Channel will be created automatically for you. 

13.  It may take upto 24-48 hours to Verify your Account after adding the channel. So, don’t worry!

NOTE: Daily you have to SURF for 1 Minute and Just Watch 5 Ads of 5 Seconds to enjoy Big Loot Offer.

14. Now you can also Refer to your Friends through Refer Your Fans Option on your Brave Browser. Share your Referral Link with your loved ones and ask them to install the Brave Browser from your link. This is one of the latest loot tricks.

Big Loot Offer

NOTE: The Brave Browser must be used for 30 days daily by your Referred Friend. It’s only then you will get 5 BAT at the NEXT MONTH for your Referral thing.

15.  Just last step, Open Brave Browser → Settings→Remove Tick Mark from Auto Contribute Option.

Free earning tricks

Steps To Redeem BAT From Brave Browser Using Uphold Wallet?

1. The first step is to click on Given Link in your Brave Browser. Use your Registered Email Address for LOGIN.

2. Scroll Down the page and Find Your Uphold Wallet Option. Click on Connect to Uphold.

3. Sign Up by entering all the details. After that, Upload your ID Proof and Your Picture and Complete the entire process.

4. Now you will be able to see all the AVAILABLE CARDS on UpHold as shown below:

Big Loot Offer

5. After Browsing Brave Browser for 30 Days You will Receive BAT Amount in your Brave Browser which you can transfer in uphold and can redeem in your Bank Account.

5. You can redeem the BAT amount in your Bank Account from the UpHold after Browsing Brave Browser for 30 Days.

Glimpse about the BraveBrowser!

Enjoy the Brave Privacy Browser with the features of a fast and secured private web browser with the blocker of ads and pop-ups. Open the Private browse and surf the internet without being attacked by the advertisers,pop-ups, and malware.

Download the best and fastest AdBlocksecured web Brave Browser App today!

Enjoy Big Loot Offer!

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Wants to learn more about the App: Brave Privacy Browser, please visit www.brave.com. You can also click on the link.

Any Questions or Seek Support?
Reach us at community.brave.com/c/support-and-troubleshooting/mobile-support. We would love to hear and help you

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