[लूट] SonicXWallet – Signup & Get ₹140 Free PayTM Cash | No KYC

Get ₹140 Free PayTM Cash | No KYC Only Signup - SonicXWallet 

SonicXWallet Air Drop

SonicXWallet Air drop is one of the most famous airdrop giving around $2.1 only on sign up. No kyc required very small procedure. just signup and get your Rs 140 in paytm. Also we will mention the trick to redeem the cash

SonicXwallet offer instant play, without any transaction fees . Like all other Airdrops you will get your bonus in their own currency I.e SOX. 1500 Sox tokes around 2.1 USD will be credited to you on the distribution date i.e 25 June 2020.

I have also mentioned few loots and tricks of Airdrops on websites like Atoken and Babb Airdrop which help you to earn money on signup. This is one of another loot. How to withdraw SOX will be also mentioned at the end of the post.

Sign Up On SonicXWallet Get 1500 SOX Tokens Worth ₹140 Free PayTM Cash :

You Can Redeem On 25th June 2020 

1. First of All Open SonicXWallet Telegram Bot From Given Link Here. :

SOX Tokens ]

2. Tap on Start Button.

3. Complete Simple Captcha and you will get a List to Complete Easy Tasks.

4. Must Complete Mandatory Tasks and i suggest you to Complete all tasks as you will Get more tokens.

  • Join SOX Telegram Group
  • Follow on Twitter (Copy your Twitter Username)
  • Like on Facebook (Copy your Facebook Profile Link)
  • Download SOX Wallet App From Play store.

5. After Completing All Above Task and Downloading SOX App Just Open SOX App and on Create Wallet.

6. Save your SOX Wallet Phrase Key to Future Login.

7. Go to Dashboard of the App and Tap on SOX and Tap on Receive Icon.

8. Now Copy your SOX Wallet Address.

9. Move Back to SOX Telegram Bot and Enter Your Twitter Username, Facebook Profile Link.

10. Enter your Email Address and Then Paste your SOX Wallet address.

11. Complete Remaining Simple Tasks.

12. Tap on Done by completing all tasks.

13. You can Refer your Friends or Just Wait till 25 June and you will Get your Tokens in Wallet.

14. We will Upload Withdrawal Method in PayTM Wallet after 25 June. Cheers!!

About SonyxWallet !

SonicXWallet is a fully decentralized P2P Crypto Wallet for SonicX Network. With it you can send and receive BTC-ETH-LTC-$USD-SOX and other tokens and other tokens, vote on a Super Representative, keep track of your balances and transactions and much more.

SonicXWallet Features:
No fees - Yes, that’s right, sending and receiving SOX is free.
UX Design - Beautiful and practical design for a fast and intuitive experience
Open source & Privacy - Very important, your keys are yours and PRIVATE to you only. We never hold your keys (you may check the code!)
Fully decentralized p2p wallet - no login, no signup
All SonicX network operations supported (except ‘create token’)
Push notifications - get notified immediately once transactions are processed
Easy to use - a lot of detail went into making the user experience very simple (and fast!)
Benchmark vs. 20+ top crypto wallets - yeah, we checked other wallets to make sure SonicXWallet is top-notch in features and build quality
SonicXWallet API - we made it easy for app and game developers to integrate and use SonicX